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Tee hee.

Man, I haven't updated in a while. HERRO EVERYONE.

I'm back from my trek in Europe, and raring to get back in the voice-acting saddle. Though it's really rather hard to find, the volume of Moribito I was in has come out! I don't know WHAT volume it is, but I'm in episode 12. Good luck!! I play... I think his name is Kyohei, but either way, he's an unfortunate looking kid. He's got a spikey ponytail and a red halter shirt with a white stripe across the chest. The guy who plays Murata in the Kyo Kara Maoh dub beats up my brother, that jerk. :'[

Another movie I was featured in, Tokyo Zombie, has also come out in the meantime. I play the young version of the afro guy, as well as a handful of incidental voices.

Aside from that, things are chill. Since returning back to the United States, I've left California and am driving cross-country for a couple of weeks. Currently, I'm in Washington, D.C. I should be back in SoCal at the beginning of August. I'll be a guest again at AnimeVegas this year, so please come and visit!

In the meantime, between begging for jobs, I'll be preoccupying myself with waiting for Imogen Heap's new album to be released, and Assassin's Creed II. *weeps* I want them so bad...
So apparently a DVD of Tweeny Witches I was in came out in February?

I play Magna and Popo, a fairy raised by a couple of the witches.

Go buy it...? *late to the party*

Also, I just want everyone to know that my character just asked me out in Avalon Code last night. :') And apparently my old lady character is one of the main villains.

Go figure!

Life updates and a new game!

First of all, I'm very happy to announce that I will be featured as a voice talent in a new game coming out: Avalon Code for the DS. This game will be available March 10th. I play an old woman named Olly and also a young man named Anwar, whom you also have the choice to date should you choose to be the female main character! Please check it out if you have the time and money!

I was also featured in the Adventures in Voice Acting newsletter that just came out yesterday, in the "Making it Big" section. I don't know about Making it Big, but at least I can date myself in a videogame. That always was one of my life goals.

Finally, I'd like to preemptively announce a hiatus. I've recently found myself at a brick wall in terms of... well, pretty much everything in my life. To combat this, I've decided to go on Walkabout.

In May, I'll be leaving to backpack in Europe for three months.

If I can, I'll try and make posts, but no promises!

Jan. 11th, 2009

Greetings and hello, guys and dolls. A few things to share--the Nanoha boxset has been out for a month and is doing quite well! Nanoha A's comes out next Tuesday, and I'm very excited about it. Also, a videogame I was in is slated to come out next month--I'll keep everyone updated as to the title of it and the characters I play when we get closer to the release date!

A group of us Nanoha actors had the great fortune of being at AnimeLA this last weekend, and it was a lot of fun! Someone sent me a video of me singing at Opening Ceremonies (as the con head had seen me sing at Mikomicon and asked me to sing for him again). Here it is below, for your viewing pleasure.

Videos of panels hopefully to come!

Hello, boys and girls!

Been a while! Over the last two months, I've gotten a full-time job, been laid off, worked my first 16 hour day, mourned the loss of Halloween by watching horrible horror movies, bought a Freddy sweater and gotten a nasty stomach flu.

In between all that, Familiar of Zero has finally been released on DVD! The show is cute, so I encourage that you check it out!

Unfortunately, Nanoha season 1 has been pushed back to December 9th, but Nanoha A's has a release date now--January 13th!

And finally, I've written a new FantoPro blog!

Okay time for food and Fable 2. Om nom choices.
Julie and I have made our own YouTube Channel called "JulieReiMarianne" because we want to be cool like Kyle Hebert. Here's the first episode of our misadventures through life:

More to come in a few days!

Also, everyone remember to register to vote! California deadline is October 20th, so find out when your state's deadline is and get your asses in gear! This is the most historical election in the history of mankind, so please make sure that you are a part of it! Also vote for gay rights.


Lyrical Nanoha website is up!

As for recent news, some exciting possibilities for my future career options have come up. I can't really delve into details, but it diverts entirely from voiceover work. However, it involves something I've always enjoyed doing: Writing. Wish me luck.

I have a new FantoPro blog bubbling up in my brain cavity, so with any luck I'll have it published on the site within the next few days. I shall post it upon completion.

I finished a recording session today for something that should hopefully be coming out before the end of this year. I'll keep y'all posted. There is another project of mine coming out in November as well that I haven't announced yet, but I'll be sure to once we get closer to release date. I don't want to get in trouble.

And now, for a parting thought: I realized today that the only thing that truly makes me sad in this world is how quickly time passes. Then again, it just helps me realize just how important it is to treasure how much I have left.

Been a while.

Hello again, my friends. Updates are as follows:

- Nanoha is set to come out on the 11th of November, and Familiar of Zero is set for the 4th of November. They will be released in 13-episode boxsets. Please be sure to pick them up!

- 21st birthday was on the 19th of August, hence the icon. Hooray for being able to get drunk legally!

- AnimeVegas went well! We got much promo done on our series. I even got a couple of people to buy Zebraman, which is a hilarious movie and you should BUY IT. :[

- New blog is up at Fan to Pro!

My free time lately has been spent towards shortening the list of games that I own and have not beaten, and also reading the original Count of Monte Cristo. I suck at the former, and I prefer many of the characters in the book to that of the anime in the latter.

I did, however, beat Assassin's Creed for a second time, so that should count for something, I guess. I also bought Prince of Persia because I've heard nothing but OMGWTFAWESOME things about it ever since it came out (like what, five million years ago? LOL), and I've never played it.

I must say that I much prefer the acrobatics in Assassin's Creed--much more freeing and less cinematic. But oh, well. It's still interesting so far.

Aug. 2nd, 2008

So I don't know if I've mentioned this yet or not, but myself and a handful of other Nanoha cast members are going to be attending this year's AnimeVegas as guests. If you're interested in finding out more, you can find the site here.

Julie Goldstein and myself managed to make it out to the OC fair today to drool over sexy cowboys at the rodeo. There was also an agricultural area that had lots of different farm animals on display, including LOTS OF COWS! I love cows. ♥♥

That's all from me today! Ciao!

Jul. 27th, 2008

Tweeny Witches volume 3 is now out and available at your nearest Best Buy! I'm on the first episode of the first volume as Qoo, and scattered throughout as random women and creatures. There should be even more TW in the future, so please look forward to it!

I managed to haul my butt out to the Video Games Live concert and ComicCon in San Diego on Thursday and Friday, and had a great time! I spent too much money on gamer shirts, though. I spent the majority of Saturday in bed.

There are also a few little internet projects that I got cast in and may share sometime in the near future...

And that's all I've got for now! Catch you cats later!


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